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favorite〓 Ji

r, with 13 co〓mpared to Ch●ina's seven, and s■core in the paint t◆o stretch th

e leadin◆g ma

rgin to d○ouble digits〓 at half-time, 34-?/p>

?8."We lost〓 a lot in rebo■unding," C○hina's cen■ter Chen said. "We● played quit◆

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ame, e〓specially insid●e."VANCOUVER, Feb. 2◆6 (Xi

nhua) -- T○he Chinese women○ curlers a◆warded Chin○a its first eve■r team medal in

■the winter ?/p>

馩lympic hist●ory, overwhelming Sw○itzerland 12-

Yanyan■ snat

■6 to win t●he curling br■onze medal ○at the Vanc●ouver Olympics ●here Friday. Sw■itzerland, the two-■time silver medalli●st at the ●2006 Turin and th●e 2002 Salt La●ke Games, was sto○pped from r●eaping the me●dal for three conse■cutive Games. ●"I am very p●roud of my tea●m. It's our firs●t Olympic e●xperi

ched the Mo?/h5>

ence and we won● a bronze med◆al," said Chines◆e skip Wang Bingyu.

●"We have b●een together for〓 10

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